Pizza & Cooking School

What’s pizza school or cooking school???

In pizza & cooking school the protagonist is you ! A fun Italian cooking show in which the chef will demonstrate and preparing the dishes, from condiments, times of firing and paste preparation, cooking and cuts of meat that you personally prepare and will taste after. The cooking school can do in the morning (10.00 am) or afternoon (15.30 pm), before starting the lesson, will be offered a welcome drink and also will be given a clothing to kitchen aprons and hats. The pizza school the chef explain and show how the pizza is made, no doubt the most beautiful part is when they are customers to try!! after an hour of lesson and fun to go to the dinner.

Menu Cooking class:

  • Welcome aperitif.
  • Fettuccine all 'Alfredo (long Pasta)
  • Mezzemaniche all 'Amatriciana (short pasta)
  • Saltimbocca alla romana (beef, ham and spices)
  • Mixed salad. (Vegetables)
  • Tiramisu (Sweet spoon)
  • ½ red wine and 1/2water
€ 60,00 per person.

Menu Pizza:

  • Welcome drink.
  • Bruschetta with tomato sauce
  • Pizza made by the customer
  • ½ red wine and 1/2water
€ 30,00 per person.

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