Private sightseeing tour in Pompeii and herculaneum with minivan Mercedes Benz and english speaking driver.
From Rome 10 hour tour (includes 2 hour travel time from Rome)

The catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. wiped out Herculaneum and Pompeii. In Herculaneum, the majority of people were overtaken by huge rivers of boiling mud and debris with temperatures as high as 450° Celsius. The extreme heat instantly reduced human lives to skeletal remains. Hundreds of such skeletons were found on or near the beach. In Pompeii, a massive accumulation of lapilli (pebble-sized pieces of solidified magma) caused buildings to crumble. Many inhabitants lost their lives while seeking shelter within their homes. Pumice and ash caused a heavy build up of debris, which submerged doors and windows–potential escape routes. The survivors in Pompeii who had lasted through the night thought the worst was over, not realizing that pyroclastic surges were headed their way. The two cities lay covered by meters of debris, virtually forgotten until the early 18th century, when some accidental finds led to the remarkable uncovering of Herculaneum and Pompeii.
We begin our tour in Herculaneum features a Forum, Gymnasium and Public Baths. Not to be missed are: The Argus House; The House of the Wooden Partition; The House of the Black Salon; and The House of Neptune and Amphitheater.
Before our tour proceeds to Pompeii, a refreshment break is suggested.
Next we move to Pompeii also features many public buildings. Not to be missed are: The Temple of Venus; The Forum; The Basilica; The Temple of Jupiter; The Villa of Mysteries; and The House of Vettii.

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* This tour involves walking on uneven pavement, so comfortable shoes are recommended.

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